Web Agency in Manchester - 4 Essential Services of a Web Agency for Your Website

Web Agency in Manchester - 4 Essential Services of a Web Agency for Your Website

What is a Web Agency and Why You Need to Hire One

There are rumours that web agencies are slowly dying as the internet becomes more developed and offers more possibilities for DIY web design and online marketing activities. This, however, could not be further from the truth. The growth of the internet leads to an exponential increase in the number of technologies available to the final user, as well as in their complexity. While before we had only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, nowadays we have HTML, different technologies for CSS - such as SASS, LESS, among others -, and thousands of libraries and frameworks for JavaScript - NodeJS, ReactJS, jQuery, AJAX, Angular, and Flux, just to mention a few.

Yes, the web is becoming more advanced at an increasing speed and empowering you with more possibilities, but this also requires much more dedication and time to learn how these new technologies can help you. This is where our web agency in Manchester comes in: our job is to master these technologies to help your website grow. Our main task is to constantly update ourselves with respect to the newest and most efficient technologies in order to make sure your online presence is as broad and as user-friendly as possible.

In order to help you understand the different elements of the work of a web agency, we created this detailed guide with the 5 essential services a web agency must provide to all its clients.

Developing an Effective Web Strategy for Your Website

A web strategy goes way beyond your own website and includes all online places relevant for your business (social media , website, local listings , among others), as well as efficient ways to monitor and integrate the data collected in all these platforms.

Therefore, the web agency is responsible for understanding how each of your platforms is used and how they should be connected in order to create a solid brand for your business.

Creating High-Quality Content for Your Website on a Regular Basis

The best way to rank higher in organic searches and to retain visitors when they come to your website is to offer valuable content. This, however, is one of the most demanding tasks for a website owner: it requires time and resources in order to properly research the topic and stay on the top of the most recent trends in an industry.

Our web agency in Manchester is specialised in content creation, and our team of experts is ready to meet all your demands in terms of content quality and quantity.

Integrating Your Website with Your Social Media Accounts

As the user browses among your online profiles, an underlying unified brand becomes considerably important as it increases the reliability of your business. The two main components involved in an online identity are the visual and the content elements. The job of a web agency is to understand what your brand is trying to communicate and to translate it into an appealing visual identity and a strong content strategy.

Creating and Managing a State-of-the-Art WordPress Website

create manage wordpress website


If you are new to the online business world, you might be struggling to manage the different elements of owning a website. Hosting, domain, functionality, visual, and structure are just a few of the main challenges that consume a lot of time in managing your own pages. WordPress poses as a very reliable alternative, but you must have a great web agency next to you in order to maximise the benefits of using the platform.

How a Web Agency Helps You Properly Set Up Your WordPress Website

While it is fairly simple to create a basic WordPress website with a free template from the admin panel, you will only be able to enjoy the full benefits of the platform’s functionality if you hire a professional web development agency to create or customise a premium template for your pages. Even if you decide to buy a premium theme and customise it yourself, you should have extensive PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge in order to be able to tackle the actual code of your pages.

Our web agency in Manchester is fully specialised in WordPress development, and below we explain what this means in terms of offering full stack web services.

Coding the Backend in WordPress - Web Development Agency

WordPress does not happen by magic. There is a considerable amount of code running in the background of each WordPress website in order to implement its functionalities. While basic themes come with simple functions such as displaying an article, filtering posts according to categories, and offering a few different templates for designing static pages, hiring a professional web development agency will give full control over all your website assets.

Coding the backend (in other words, giving functionality and intelligence to your website) involves not only writing a fair amount of PHP and other programming languages but also creating a solid, effective website structure that meets the highest standards in the industry. For that, we work only with the best experts in the field and offer personalised consulting services to understand your business goals and propose relevant improvements to your website.

Designing the Frontend in WordPress - Web Design Agency

While having an optimised backend is highly important in WordPress, you must have a beautiful, user-friendly design that delivers a great User Experience (UX). Despite involving more design and creativity elements, creating the frontend is as important and as complex as dealing with the backend. You must understand the principles of an effective design, the creative process behind developing a great template for a website, and how to translate all these elements into actual code that displays correctly across all devices.

Managing Your Social Media Profiles to Create a Unified Brand

As we discussed in the beginning of the article, a great website is just one among many components of an effective web strategy. Social Media Management (SMM) is another major element that must be mastered by whoever wants to be successful in the online world. Social Media Management is not only about posting across social networks and hoping this will bring you more visitors. A serious web agency understands that active social media profiles which share valuable content from different sources require a lot of maintenance work and demand a considerable amount of time.

Understanding the different general characteristics of each social media network is a prerequisite to developing a successful strategy. Facebook, for example, offers a great platform for promoting different medias and types of content. Twitter, on the other hand, is considered to be a fast-moving social network which demands highly remarkable posts in order to create an impact on the user. LinkedIn is focused on the professional side of social networks, and you should create and share content more related to the business world.

Our web agency in Manchester has a team of specialists dedicated only to identifying the trendiest topics in each social network and to help you develop a highly effective social media calendar for each different profile you have.

Using Data to Drive Decisions and Improvements

Using Data to Drive Decisions and Improvements
While all the services above relate to the implementation side of the services provided by web agencies, the optimisation of the campaigns requires a detailed analysis of all the data collected during your online activities.

Using Google Analytics for Website Insights

Which pages present the highest conversion rates? Which URLs present the highest average reading time? What are the exit points on your website?

Once the web strategy developed by your web agency is in place, it is time to look at how your audience is welcoming the changes. The best way to create a highly efficient website is to continuously adjust to your visitors’ impressions.

Google Analytics offers very detailed data on multiple indicators that can be used for optimising your pages. The amount of pages viewed per visit, the average time online, and the most accessed pages are just a few metrics that show what type of content is working and what can be further improved with the help of your web agency.

Looking at Social Media Analytics to Understand Your Audience

Which posts are becoming viral on social media? What type of content is your audience sharing on their profiles? How can you adjust your strategy to incorporate your audience’s demands?

The behaviour of your users on your social media profiles is as important as their behaviour on your website. How do they interact with your posts and whether they have a positive impact on your online brand are two factors to keep an eye on. Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, for example, provide detailed data of post engagement which allows you to classify which types of content are better for your specific audience and on which topics your partner web agency should focus on.

Web Agency in Manchester - Why Choose Project83

While many web agencies in Manchester will provide isolated online marketing services, only Project83 provides a thorough strategy that benefits from synergies among the different aspects of the web strategy. Our expertise in different areas of digital marketing, such as WordPress design and coding, allow us to fully benefit from the services offered by our web agency.




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