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Social Media Marketing in Manchester - 4 Proven Techniques To Grow Your Audience

social media marketing manchester techniques grow audience

Are you tired of struggling with your social media campaigns and seeing inexpressive results? Are you looking for actionable techniques to grow your follower base on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks? Then you came to the right place. We put together a complete guide with the four most effective techniques to spread the word about your social media pages and conquer a high number of engaged members.

We already discussed the benefits of hiring a social media agency to take care of your social media campaigns, so now it is time to show some of the factors we take into consideration when creating killer social media marketing campaigns for your business.

Focus on a Great Visual for Higher Engagement Rates

A study published by Hubspot identified that Facebook posts with pictures generate considerably higher engagement levels than normal links or posts without images. This is due to both the preference of Facebook’s ranking algorithm for posts with visuals and the natural appeal enhanced pictures have on users.

Facebook is not the only social network that puts a higher weight on images and videos. Twitter and LinkedIn also present the same behaviour. For instance, tweets with images are 94% more likely to be retweeted, so focusing on creating high-quality visuals in accordance with the theme of your publication is also a mandatory strategy for the platform. With respect to LinkedIn, Quicksprout published an article where it analysed the engagement rate with posts in terms of comments. No surprises here: LinkedIn posts with images lead to a 98% higher comment rate.

Project83 makes sure you get access to the best social media marketing strategy in Manchester. We are always updating our knowledge base to include the latest best practices in the social media marketing world, and your business will experience a considerable increase in the quality of your social media profiles once we establish a new partnership.

Publish Different Types of Content

There is a wide variety of content that can be published on social media networks. Images, videos, infographics, and polls are just a few examples, and it is up to your creativity to come up with different ways of interact with your audience.

Facebook’s algorithm, for example, favours longer videos and ranks them higher in the news feeds of its users. There is, however, a trade-off here: videos are usually more expensive to produce, and the higher investment should be carefully analysed before jumping into producing one video after another. The best course of action here is to build a simple comparison table. Your company probably posts images and links, so you already have the information about their cost and their return. You can then invest in producing one or two videos and collect information about how your audience interacts with it. Finally, you can compare the ROI of both types of publications and see which one brings the best benefit for your social profile. Higher engagement is always good, but if it comes at a disproportionately higher cost, you might want to avoid it.

There are a lot of components involved in finding which type of content brings you the higher return on investment. We understand that, and our social media marketing agency is ready to conduct such analysis at a great level of detail to deliver relevant information to your company.

Analyse What Is the Best Time for Posting in Each Platform

analyze best time posting social platform


It’s no use if you share content when your audience is not online. In twitter, for example, half of the total impressions of a tweet happen in the first 30 minutes after its publication. Facebook’s news feed is also a busy place where many companies compete to stay on the top of their followers’ home page.

Are you optimising your publishing schedule to make sure you post at the most efficient hours and days? Many websites have studied the general optimisation time for tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn shares, and so on, and there is a lot of insight that can be taken from different places around the web. This, however, sets the general ground from where you have to start working to identify how your specific audience behaves.

Our social media marketing agency in Manchester takes care of the job for you and provides valuable data to guide your social media marketing decisions. We work with detailed data provided by the social networks and conduct a thorough analysis to guarantee your content will reach as many users as possible.

Create a Social Media Publishing Calendar

Once you start a new profile on social media, the task of managing your publishing schedule does not seem very hard. Tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule your next posts and to get access to detailed analytics (their free versions have a restricted number of social profiles and limited access to analytics, but they still allow you to schedule posts). In addition to that, there are several pages on your website waiting to be shared in social media, so you have a reasonable queue of different posts for the next few days.

The challenges start when the number of social network profiles increases and when there is not so much fresh content to be shared. This is where the importance of building an editorial calendar comes into place. An editorial calendar allows you to see clearly which posts will be shared on which days, so you avoid being repetitive to your audience. There is nothing wrong with sharing the same content more than once. Relevant articles that attract a lot of interaction is social media should be shared again to make sure you reach a wider audience. The problem is when you unintentionally share the same article over and over again during a short period of time.

Social Media Marketing in Manchester - Why Project83?

Running effective social media marketing campaigns require a lot of effort and time. Project83 exists to guarantee the best is being done to attract high-quality leads from social media platforms. All our services aim at making your brand and social profiles widely known to your target audience.




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