SEO Consultant in Manchester - The Top 5 Most Important Skills of an SEO Consultant

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Do you currently implement SEO strategies in house or do you outsource the tasks to specialists in the field? Do you know what are the most important characteristics when looking for an SEO specialist?

These questions might not be so easy to answer, and this is why Project83, a leader SEO consultancy company in Manchester, created this complete guide with the major tasks of an SEO consultant. We want to show you that Search Engine Optimisation goes much further than playing around with keywords and HTML tags; it involves all the stages of the online marketing process, from understanding the needs and objectives of your company to implementing effective ways of collecting relevant data to track the efficiency of the services.

Skill #1 - An SEO Consultant Focuses on Understanding Your Company from Top to Bottom

What does your company do? What business are you in? How do you currently attract visitors to your website and convert them into leads?

Before offering any consultancy services, an SEO expert must understand the current state of your business and map the processes you are implementing for your online marketing activities. SEO campaigns should be well aligned with your business strategy and goals, and they should ultimately increase the overall online presence of your company and the strength of your brand. Project83 brings the best SEO consultants in Manchester to work together with you in defining the best ways of optimising your website and creating effective strategies to attract new customers.

Skill #2 - An SEO Adviser Creates Strategies Specifically Tailored for Your Business

Implementing the same standardised strategies for all websites is one of the most harmful practices of an SEO consultant, often leading to drastically ineffective results.

Once the first step is completed and the online marketing agency understands your business model, it is time to move forward and create create a personalised plan of action for your online campaigns. This involves defining specific sets of keywords to focus on, optimising the structure of your website, defining a unique editorial calendar for your social media profiles, among other good practices in the field.

Once those strategies are in place, the next stage is to define an implementation plan and consistently stick to it. Will you publish new content twice a week? Three times? How many posts per day will you share in social media? All these questions, as well as how they will be implemented, must be answered in your plan of action.

Skill #3 - Our SEO Consultants in Manchester Thoroughly Analyse the Quality of Your Website and Deliver Insightful Reports

seo consultant manchenster analyze website insightful reports


Before moving to the implementation phase of your SEO strategy, you digital analyst must carry a technical analysis of your website to identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvements. The proper way of carrying this analysis is to score your website in different aspects related to search engine optimisation. This part of the job involves analysing the HTML structure of your pages, the structure of your links, how well your articles use internal and external links, the quality of your content in terms of length of content and keyword density, among other factors.

A successful SEO strategy has many components, and scoring each of them based on their quality is the best way to establish priorities. If, for example, your link structure is acceptable, your content is good, but your HTML structure is not responsive and does not include the necessary SEO tags, this is where the work should start. Project83 has access to a wide variety of tools to rank your website in terms of the many aspects of a successful online present.

Skill #4 - SEO Consultancy Companies Analyse the Behaviour of Your Competition to Identify Competitive Advantages

Your audience can be a very rich source of information. How do they structure their pages? How do they write their PPC ads ? How do they manage their social media ? Data on these and many other indicators are extremely valuable when looking for opportunities not yet tackled by your rivals.

Sometimes, however, the opportunities are not very numerous. Think, for example, about how an SEO consultant in Manchester could compete for organic rankings with other SEO companies.

They are all probably targeting keywords that include some combination of SEO, agency/consultancy/company, and Manchester. Since there is not much to innovate here, the next step is to visit the pages of your competitors and look for ways to create more attractive, better converting pages. Do they fail in providing high-quality content? Do they fail in delivering a great combination of beautiful design and fast technology? Are they asking too many questions when suggesting you to require a quote?

Another important application of looking at your competitors’ websites is to identify links pointing to their pages. Websites that already point to your rivals are more likely to hear your value proposition and establish a partnership with your own business.

SEO Consultant in Manchester - What is Our Differential?

As you can see, the job of an SEO consultant requires a considerable amount of data and skill. As such, not every company or freelancer is up to challenge of making your website successful. Project83, an SEO consultancy in Manchester, implements each of the elements of a successful SEO campaign while giving you total control over your online marketing efforts. We want to establish a long-term relationship with your business and contribute to major improvements on your website and online presence.




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