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SEO Agency in Manchester - What Does an SEO Company Do?

Are you looking for ways to grow your website traffic? Do you want to increase your organic ranking and appear in Google’s first page? Then you came to the right place. Project83 is an SEO Company based in Manchester which provides thorough Search Engine Optimisation services to help you boost your number of visitors and your conversion rates. In this article, we provide an overview of what an SEO Agency does and what are the key benefits of hiring one instead of doing the job in-house.

Why Do You Need to Hire an SEO Agency?

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The SEO related tasks and techniques are very demanding, and you could easily fill up your days with them. This is why SEO Agencies exist: to help you increase your online traffic without requiring much of your time. By outsourcing the job, you will not only enjoy much more free time to dedicate to other relevant tasks in managing your website but also obtain a higher ROI than if the task was implemented internally.

SEO Businesses Integrate the Different Areas of Web Design and Web Development

Search Engine Optimisation is an umbrella term for a wide range of on-page and off-page activities that aim to increase the number of active visitors on your website. Therefore, the requirements for effectively implementing SEO strategies are fairly vast and can only be met by dedicating a considerable amount of time for studying and integrating different subjects related to web design and web development.

SEO Companies Accumulate Knowledge from Previous Projects

SEO Agencies work with multiple websites in multiple industries. As a consequence, the process of accumulating SEO knowledge and expertise happens much faster in an agency dedicated to Search Engine Optimisation than in in-house teams.

By studying the best practices across all industries present on the web, Project83 has developed a solid understanding of which techniques are best suited for promoting your website. Our SEO Agency in Manchester brings together the best of both online and offline worlds in order to ensure effective SEO campaigns for your pages.

SEO Agencies Provide a Fresh Pair of Eyes to Analyse and Optimise Your Website

Have you ever asked a friend to have a look at your university or high school assignments before handing them in? People naturally do that because they know a different pair of eyes provides valuable advice on how to improve the quality of their work. When you develop and run a website, you might overlook several important SEO aspects, so having a specialised SEO company looking at your website structure and content is the best way to obtain relevant insights on how to improve your pages.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation: The Complicated Side of SEO

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SEO goes much further than simply putting relevant keywords in between Heading tags, inserting a meta description tag in each page, and building a solid internal linking structure. These tasks are important, yes, but any serious SEO Agency knows that it should focus on many other aspects of a website.

HTML Tags and CSS Properties

While it is fairly easy to edit the HTML of your page’s content, there are more relevant components that should be taken into account when optimising your website for search engines.

Here are a few examples of HTML meta tags that should be implemented throughout your website:

● Meta Content Type tag;
● Meta Viewport tag;
● Meta Title tag;
● Meta Description tag.

While some of the tags talk about the content of the page, others are essential for ensuring a responsive website.

In addition to the HTML structure of your pages, responsiveness is better achieved with a proper CSS styling. The famous media queries in CSS allow you to implement different designs (size and distribution of page elements) based on the size of the screen showing the content.

XML and JSON Structured Data

Structured data stands for any type of data that is organised following a specific framework for the presentation of the information. Have a look at this example: when you search for “Google”, a card is presented on the right side and shows structured information about the Company.

example structured data
If you are a restaurant website, for example, you could benefit from structured data by formatting your recipes accordingly and enjoying the highlighted positions in Google’s search results.

When we talk about SEO and structured data, we are mostly talking about the implementation of the framework provided by (although there are others, this is the most famous one).

The markup languages (XML, JSON, etc.) are highly technical and require a considerable amount of knowledge in order to be properly implemented. This is where SEO agencies come in: we use our knowledge and our previous experience to develop these structures following the best practices currently in the market.

Site Crawling

Duplicate content, broken links, metadata inconsistencies, redirect problems. These are just a few examples of harmful issues that can quickly kill the organic ranking of your pages. Crawling a website, however, can be quite difficult if you don’t have a good understanding of how it works. SEO companies have the technical knowledge required to carry thorough website crawlings and collect all the relevant information to improve your pages.

SEO Companies in Manchester: Choosing the Right One

The benefits of hiring an SEO Agency discussed here are just an introduction to the topic, and there are many more advantages of outsourcing this kind of service. There are, however, a few things to pay attention to. When looking for an SEO Agency in Manchester, make sure you hire one with a considerable amount of market experience and a wide, reliable variety of SEO services. Avoid those companies which offer immediate sensible results: they probably use many black hat SEO techniques that will inevitably result in your website being punished by search engines.

Project83, an SEO Company based in Manchester, UK, delivers one of the best services you can find in the market. We are concerned not only with your organic rankings but also with the healthy growth of your website.




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