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Marketing Agency in Manchester - 4 Ways a Marketing Agency Can Boost Your Online Presence and Revenues

Marketing Agency in Manchester - 4 Ways a Marketing Agency Can Boost Your Online Presence and Revenues

What comes to your mind when you think about online marketing? What about when you think about a marketing agency in Manchester?

Many people believe that the entire scope of activity in marketing agencies is limited to running online campaigns, creating Facebook ads, managing social media profiles, creating email marketing strategies, and other technical tasks that seem somewhat disconnected. This, however, is just one side of the coin, and in order to provide a complete and effective range of services, a marketing agency must also focus on the links between the different activities of online marketing. These include, among other things, the plan of your website, your relationship with other companies and the public, and, most importantly, your brand.

To help you understand the different activities of a marketing agency, we created this detailed guide with the four most important ways a marketing agency can help you create a solid online identity.

Redefining and Spreading Your Brand

One of the most important responsibilities of any marketing agency is to define the brand of the client and transmit the message properly to their customers. This is not a simple task, and creating a brand strategy requires a lot of thinking.

The brand, however, is the asset of your business which will be transmitted through all your online and offline marketing activities. Having a well-defined brand creates a unified message that all your articles, social media profiles, public relations, and online marketing campaigns will work hard to transmit.

There are, however, challenges to building a solid brand. Our marketing agency in Manchester understands that it is not a simple task to create a strategy of this size and to stick to the plan when managing more specialized tasks such as scheduling the social media publications for the week. Project83 helps you to spread the brand identity of your company throughout your online profiles, social networks , and online marketing activities such as email marketing, PPC ads , among others.

Maximizing the ROI of Your Online Efforts

To maximise the ROI of your online campaigns, you must first understand how and where you spend your money. Not managing correctly the budget of online advertising is one of the most common mistakes companies do in online marketing. It is very common to companies to simply create several online ads, start running them, and forget to regularly come back to optimise the campaigns by incorporating the data collected in the meantime.

Precisely Defining the KPIs of Your Online Campaigns

Another less evident problem of a bad online marketing strategy happens when companies do not define properly the KPIs of their online marketing campaigns. CTR, or Click-through-Rate, is by far the most common metric used to test whether customers are clicking on your ads. But is it the best? How can you be sure that your visitors are actually submitting contact information, i.e. becoming active leads in your online CRM? And even if you use the conversion rate as a KPI, how can you be sure your leads are actually buying from you? All these questions lead to the discussion of what is the best indicator of success for your online marketing campaigns.

Our marketing agency in Manchester works incessantly together with your business to deeply understand how you should measure your online success. We offer consulting services that go beyond the technical implementation of online strategies, and we help you truly see whether your business is successful in the online world or not.

Taking Care of Your Public Relations

Taking Care of Your Public Relations

Public relations is sometimes left out of the scope of online marketing. After all, why should the online department be concerned with your relationship with external stakeholders? The fact is, all your external stakeholders are also online. Your online image plays a major role in defining the image your stakeholders have of your company.

A marketing agency in Manchester, for example, must understand how to position your business locally to develop your brand and be recognised by people near you. How should you spread the name of your company? How should you deal with information in order to keep a favorable external image to your customers? All these questions are addressed by an effective marketing agency that seeks to improve the health and the reliability of your business in the online community.

Working on the Design and Content of Your Website

Last but not least, the design and the content of your websites are essential to create a great first impression in the users visiting your pages. If your website takes ages to load, if the visual is not attractive and intuitive, or if your content looks like spamming or is ineffective, your visitors will most likely leave your website never to come back. A great visual, teamed with fast loading, responsive pages, is the best way to make your potential lead more interested in your product.

When it comes to the content, you should always aim at creating value to your user. SEO factors should definitely be considered, but the most important aspect is whether your customer is getting something valuable out of your pages. If your content is relevant, it is more likely for the user to stay more time on your website and to visit more pages in one single session, increasing the authority of your domain in Google’s perspective.

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Our marketing agency in Manchester understands that online marketing is not simply creating online campaigns in disconnected medias. There has to be a common bottom-line to all your activities, and this shared component is sometimes very hard to define. Our online marketing services and consultancy help you structure your business and create a highly effective message that will be transmitted through all your online channels.




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