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Email Marketing Agency in Manchester - How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with Email Marketing

How effective is your email marketing strategy? Do you make the most out of your list of subscribers? Email marketing is the online marketing activity with the highest Return on Investment and it has the potential to sensibly increase your sales and revenues if made correctly. Our email marketing agency in Manchester, Project83, implements only the most effective techniques to guarantee a solid base of subscribers and high-converting email campaigns. We put together a guide to help you understand the different components of the complex world of email marketing.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Your Business?

Why is Email Marketing Important for Your Business?

Many people think marketing techniques that rely on emails are overrated. This, however, could not be further from the truth. More than 90% of adults use email on a daily basis, and emails are extremely popular among all age groups.

Emails provide a very personal and highly customisable way to be in touch with your audience. Nowadays, email marketing software - such as MailChimp and ActiveCampaign - give you the opportunity of not only building beautiful templates but also personalising the information based on the data from your lists of subscribers.

Finally, the users who subscribe to your email list are demonstrating an active interest in being in touch with your company. The visitor is explicitly telling you that he or she wants to receive more information about your products or services. By wisely managing your lists, you will be able to establish long-lasting, highly profitable relationships with your customers.

3 Proven Techniques to Increase Your List of Subscribers

With so many benefits, email marketing is a mandatory part of the online marketing strategy of any serious business. But how can you acquire quality leads that will interact with your content when you share it via email? Here are three important factors to keep in mind when looking for new users.

Make the Subscription Process as Simple as It Can Be

Have you ever been through a subscription process that requested a Captcha verification, sent you an initial confirmation email, and then asked for an additional code delivered to your inbox? Maybe, just like me, you have been through even more complicated subscription procedures. They are very discouraging, and the percentage of people giving up on the subscription drastically increases with each new barrier they encounter. Evidently, it is important to guarantee that your mail list has only quality emails, but building too many security measures around the initial subscription might actually lead to a big loss of healthy potential leads. Our email marketing agency has studied many different scenarios during many years of experience, and we have developed a highly effective subscription journey to guarantee you get many qualified leads for your business.

Popups, Modals and Embedded Forms


Inserting popups, modals and embedded forms on your website is a great way to collect new subscribers. These tools provide a simplified opt-in process, and your users are likely the convert the most when the popup or modal offers something in return to their email address.

Give Control to the User and Offer Special Deals for Subscribers

Inserting popups, modals and embedded forms on your website is a great way to collect new subscribers. These tools provide a simplified opt-in process, and your users are likely the convert the most when the popup or modal offers something in return to their email address.

Give Control to the User and Offer Special Deals for Subscribers

If your visitors want to receive weekly emails, you should give them the opportunity to say so. When creating your opt-in forms, make sure you give your users chances to say how many emails they want to receive and which content they want to see.

As already mentioned, offering something in return to the email subscription is a great way to increase your conversion rates. It can be a free guide or checklist, or even a big discount in the next purchase. What is important is to offer something for your users so they have the feeling they are doing something positive for your business.

3 Fundamental Features of a Great Email Marketing Campaign

Features Email Campaigns - Marketing Targeting and Segmentation
Once you build a solid list of subscribers, it is time to start enjoying the benefits of highly effective email marketing campaigns. Here are three very important things you have to implement in your campaigns to guarantee the highest possible conversion and engagement rates.

Segment Your Email Lists to Increase Your Conversion Rates

When presenting your opt-in form, make sure to ask key questions about your audience’s profile. It can be the age, the number of people working in the company, the region where the user lives, etc. Once you have this information, it becomes very easy to segment your list of subscribers based on specific characteristics and created highly customised email campaigns for them. Our email marketing agency in Manchester, for example, creates different emails for people who live in the metropolitan area of the city and for people who live outside it. This allows us to offer a more personalised experience for all our partners.

Provide Highly Valuable Content for Your Audience

One of the most important factors of a highly successful email marketing campaign is the content you provide to your readers. If you talk only about sales, they will get easily annoyed and quickly unsubscribe from your list. If, however, you provide advice, tips, and free valuable content, your audience is very likely not only to interact more with your emails but also to share them in their social medias and widen even more the reach of your campaigns.

Do Not Send Too Many Emails

One of the most common mistakes in email marketing is to send too many emails. Naturally, companies want to see their sales go through the roof as quickly as possible, so they keep sending multiple emails every day to all their subscribers. This kind of spamming behaviour ends up working against their businesses: they lose potential customers due to impatience and inability to see further than the short-term profit orientation. Our email marketing agency understands that customers are much more valuable when they are in a long-lasting relationship with your company. Our techniques are finely tuned to guarantee that your subscribers receive relevant content at reasonable intervals.

Email Marketing Agency in Manchester - We Are Here to Help You

Email marketing is a very sensitive strategy: if done properly, it brings you extremely high returns; if done poorly, it scares away many customers who will never come back to your website. We are aware of such particularities, and we want to help your company get the most out of your email campaigns. Our services are highly qualified and always follow the most recent best practices in the industry.




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