Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester - Better Digital Services for Boosting Your Online Presence

Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester - Better Digital Services for Boosting Your Online Presence

Does The widespread belief that online marketing is easy is not recent. Many websites have spectacularly failed because their owners did not know how to properly adjust their marketing strategy to the online world. The product was good, the business was solid, but the implementation of online campaigns was chaotic.

This is becoming more and more common as the internet grows and offers more resources to every person. It becomes easier to set up a website without the need for coding, it becomes cost less to set up a business page on every social network, and even with the smallest budget you can start running online ads on all major platforms.

But if things are easier, why are the failure rates of internet start-ups and other online businesses so high? The logic seems pretty simple: more resources that require less money equals a higher rate of success. But that’s not what happens, and the reason lies in two simple words: time and experience.

While the monetary dimension of online advertising has shrunk due to more user-friendly technologies, this came at the cost of demanding much more time to learn how to use all of them. Not only that, but the lack of market experience leads people to the erroneous belief that online marketing involves just a few variables and services to be managed on a not-so-often basis.

This could not be further from the truth, and if you are not a specialised digital marketing agency, you will certainly be better off by delegating the entire job to one. We created this detailed guide to show you how our digital marketing agency in Manchester takes your website to the next level.

Centralising Your Online Efforts in One Place

A digital marketing agency is, at its core, a centralised hub for all your online campaigns. Therefore, there are several steps involved in setting up a profitable partnership between your website and an online agency.

Understanding and Defining Your Online Brand

The first stage in working with a digital agency is to precisely define your brand and your goals in the online world. While this is one of the most basic requirements of a successful business, not everyone invests the necessary time to do it properly.

Working with a digital marketing agency to brainstorm and define your brand will be beneficial for both your online campaigns and your business as a whole. All the parts will have a more structured approach to how to implement the brand in the different sectors of the business.

Creating or Adjusting the Online Campaigns to Match with Your Brand

The next stage is either to adjust your already existing online campaigns or to create new, highly efficient ones. This is where the expertise of a digital agency comes in handy: our several years of experience in creating and optimising online campaigns taught us the very best practices in the field. Our job is to provide a well-structured marketing strategy, with clear actions and KPIs for analysing their efficiency.

Monitoring Your Digital Marketing Campaigns for Continuous Improvement

Once the strategy is in place and the campaigns are running, it is time to monitor the numbers to see what is working and what is not. Past experience is great for creating an efficient framework for online campaigns, but due to their unique nature, each specific business requires a considerable amount of customisation in the campaign. Therefore, there is an inherent learning curve for each company a digital marketing agency works with, and monitoring the numbers of the online campaigns is the best way to identify opportunities for optimisation.

Working on What Brings You the Highest ROI


We all know there are thousands of possibilities for exploring the online world of marketing. While many of them - such as advertising on Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter, or spending money on partnerships for the website - are used by a vast majority of online businesses, this does not mean you have to blindly follow the trends.

Yes, it is important to be present on all major online platforms that promote brands, but more important than that is to focus on those which actually bring you high results. Did you ever run into the situation of setting up an Adwords campaign and simply not looking at it anymore for two or three months? Despite being highly harmful to your investments, this type of behaviour is very hard to avoid if you are managing all your online campaigns by yourself.

This is where the digital marketing agency comes in. Our work is not only to set up your online campaigns properly but also to make sure they are regularly optimised.

Defining the Best KPIs for Your Online Campaigns

How do you currently measure the success of your online campaigns? Do you simply look at your website traffic? Do you pay attention to a single indicator such as the CTR or the Conversion Rate?

While these numbers are definitely important, they are probably not the best for measuring your success. If you are targeting higher sales, maximising the CTR should not be your final goal, but an intermediate step in the process. Maximising CTR means that people are clicking on your ads, but what happens after is even more important: do they stay on your page for a significant amount of time? Do they convert into real leads?

Defining the best KPIs is a process that involves incorporating your goals into the indicators. Imagine the process as a flow with several well-defined steps. As an example, here is a standard sequence of KPIs for maximising the sales of a website

1) The user has to arrive at your website: maximise CTR in online ads;
2) The user has to become an active lead: maximise Conversion Rates;
3) The user should not drop their shopping carts: minimise Exit and Abandonment Rates.

These three KPIs create a well-defined flow in our process, and once you maximise each part, you are sure to maximise the sales of your website.

3 Essential Criteria for Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester

3 Essential Criteria for Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester
In our time in the market, we have noticed that three factors form the absolute basis for a highly efficient digital agency. We detail each of them below, showing how they fit in the content of digital services and why you consider them prerequisites when choosing an online agency.

Market Expertise - The Basic Requirement for A Great Service

Everyone has to start at some point. We understand that, and we also had to build our experience through the years we operate in the market. However, the growth of the internet has allowed many people to set up scams and unreliable online agencies that exist just to profit on the inexperience of companies. The presence of malicious agencies makes the market expertise a crucial requirement for making sure you will get what you are promised. Our long pipeline of very satisfied customers proudly shows that we are serious about our business and committed to delivering the best service to your company.

Team of Experts - The Fundamental Element of a Well-Functioning Digital Agency

Having a team of experts is important not only because it guarantees the correct implementation of your online campaigns but also because the members actively contribute with insights to improve it. A digital marketing agency that is proud of their team will show them everywhere: on their blog, on their website, on partners’ blogs through guest posting, etc. If, however, the team is not good, the digital agency will normally try to hide it. This is a very easy factor to scrutinise: you just have to ask the agency to provide the information of the team so you can do more research about the members.

Culture of Continuous Improvement - The Best Way to Optimise Your Campaigns

We already mentioned that continuous monitoring is essential for the improvement of your campaigns, but the culture of continuous improvement is not only about that. This mindset is also about the processes of the digital marketing agency. Together with the market expertise, the culture of continuous learning sets the agency on the path to excellence by regularly revising their processes and identifying opportunities for development. A digital agency with this mentality is sure to learn much faster and bring your website to the next level in almost no time.

Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester - Why Choose Project83

Our digital marketing agency in Manchester primary objective is to bring your website and online presence to the next level. We understand that such goal involves a lot of effort and has an incredibly high number of elements to deal with. Notwithstanding, our market expertise and our team of experts is ready to tackle each every one of them and to create a brand that will stand out among the competition.




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