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Digital Agency in Manchester - 6 Essential Services for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

digital agency manchester 6 essential services online marketing

Online marketing sometimes suffers from a simplification bias: people see it as simply posting several times on social media, tweaking websites so the pages rank better in Google’s organic results, and bothering other websites to try to get some backlinks. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

The work involved in online marketing goes way beyond routine tasks such as posting on social media or writing PPC ads. The online world offers a much more detailed platform to collect information about the efficiency of your campaigns, as well as data about your potential customers. There is a lot of numbers and indicators to look at, and without the proper expertise, it is very easy to get lost among so many options and services. After all, you have to manage AdWords, Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, Local Listings, Social Media Profiles (add at least four here), Twitter Analytics, Facebook Business Account, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Partnerships, and the list keeps growing.

With so many concerns, your best call is to hire a specialised Digital Agency to take of everything. And to help you better understand how a digital agency can help your website grow, Project83 created a detailed guide of the most important services provided by an online marketing agency.

Perfect Your SEO Strategy for Better Organic Rankings

What is the point of having a great website if no one can find it on Google?

Having SEO-optimised pages is a prerequisite for making your website successful. At the beginning, SEO seems a very accessible task: simply optimise a few pages, specifically design them following the responsiveness standards, include a proper HTML structure, and make sure there are no broken links.

Optimising specific pages, however, is not the best approach for developing a solid SEO strategy. Problems start to arise as your website grows bigger in both content and number of pages, and the tasks of finding broken links and ensuring a responsive design start to drain most of your time and energy. So how can a digital agency help you solve that?

Implement a Scalable Structure for Your On-Page SEO Strategy

The most efficient approach is to create your pages based on a solid framework. By adapting your website and including a flexible structure, we make sure both your functionality and your design will be robust to support a more complex website.

We will cover the details of building a flexible framework in the section about Web Design and Development, but we should highlight that a proper structure ensures consistency in all SEO elements of your page.

Work Together with Partners to Spread Your Brand

Another great benefit of working with a digital agency is the inherited network of related businesses. An online marketing agency collects many contacts and customers as it delivers its services, and these contacts can be approached in order to try to create beneficial partnerships.

By working with a digital agency, you benefit from having all the work of collecting and nurturing potential partners already done for you. Project83 has been on the market for several years, and we are ready to offer a list of potential partners that you can approach to promote your website to a larger audience.

Write Valuable Content on Your Website for Higher Customer Engagement

write valuable content website higher customer engagement


Normally, content production is seen as a part of your SEO strategy. We believe, however, that SEO should work for the content, and not the opposite. From the user perspective, the content is what really matters. They hardly ever (we would even risk saying never) will open your HTML to analyse whether it is SEO-friendly or not. So content comes first, and SEO comes after to help you optimise it.

Address Real Concerns of Your Target Audience

What is your customer looking for? Which questions does he or she pose to Google? What are your competitors writing about?

Understanding what are the main concerns of your audience gives you a great advantage in attracting attention and visitors. There are many tools to identify the current trends and questions in a specific industry: Google Trends, Quora, Buzzsumo, among others.

Whilst there are many sources of information, there is the need to organise all the messy data that your retrieve. This is where a digital agency comes in handy. We are used to mining topics for content, and we perfected our processes to make sure they are highly efficient and do not consume much time. Project83 has a group of experts solely responsible for content creation, and you can rest assured that just high-quality articles and pages will be published on your website.

Develop State-of-the-Art PPC Campaigns for Higher Revenues

PPC campaigns are one of the most effective ways to take people to your website. You will be charged only when a customer clicks on your ads, so it is mostly up to you to optimise your campaigns and create great landing pages that present high conversion rates.

Create Highly Attractive Ads and Conversion-Optimised Landing Pages

Digital agencies accumulate expertise over the years on the market. Our digital agency in Manchester, for example, is constantly working to understand how the target audience of different industries behaves.

A landing page is the first thing your visitor will see after clicking on your PPC ad. Therefore, it is your biggest chance of creating a memorable first impression. There are many elements to consider when developing a high converting landing page, and a few examples are:

Build a Great Design to Make Your Page Look Reliable and Remarkable

The power of a good design is impressive: many companies that started working with us reported an incredible increase in conversion after we implemented major changes in the design of the page. Here are a few things to avoid: displaying too much information, mixing too many strong colours, making it difficult for the user to understand the flow of your page.

Create a Free Giveaway for Your User

The free giveaway can be anything: from a highly detailed guide to a complete PDF book or a sample of your software. The logic is simple: if you want the user to give you his contact information, you should offer something in exchange. It shows that your business is concerned with the customer and wants to actually create value instead of just profiting from the relationship.

Position Your Elements Wisely

This is part of creating a high-converting design, but the topic deserves its own discussion. Consider how humans normally read: from left to right and from top to bottom. Therefore, position the most important information at the top left, and use the space wisely. The sign-up form, for example, can be positioned on the right, since there is not really an important message being transmitted by it.

Automate Your Email Marketing Flows for More Efficient Conversion

automate email marketing flow more efficient conversions

When a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, you are already halfway across the path of converting him or her into a real customer. An active interested in your product or service has already been demonstrated, and it is up to you to nurture these leads properly to transform them into buyers.

A digital agency understands the importance of email marketing and it offers a range of services to properly automate your email campaigns. Automation is a scalable, efficient way of converting leads because it offers personalised content based on the user’s action. We help you set up customised email routines that will send specific messages to the users based on their behaviour. As a result, you will immediately experience a drastic increase in user engagement.

Manage Your Social Media Profiles for Deeper Relationships with Customers

It is not easy to manage multiple social media profiles, avoid the temptation of cross-posting, and actively interact with your audience. Social media opens many doors for your business to reach new customers and to bond with your existing clients, but you must create an effective strategy in order to do so.

To know more about how our social media agency can help you grow your social networks, you can visit our complete guide to the services of a social media consultancy. We also put together an actionable guide with four incredible techniques to grow your number of followers in all your social profiles.

Design and Develop a Powerful Website for a Great User Experience

The design of the website generates a first impression on the user in less than a second. Therefore, the design of your pages will shape how the user judges the information you display. You might have the most valuable content ever, but if it’s not presented in a user-friendly display, you will see very little engagement from your audience. There is a large number of components involved in web development and design, and we selected the most relevant ones to include in this section.

Digital Agencies and Web Design - Creating Responsive Pages Compatible with all Types of Devices

2016 already saw the supremacy of mobile devices in Google searches. And the trend did not shift, in fact, it became even more pronounced. If you aim at high organic ranks, then you must have a website that delivers well primarily on the mobile platforms.

This is why our digital agency in Manchester always follows the latest best practices of the Mobile First philosophy. We understand that it is essential to have a website with a design optimised for small screens but that also displays well on bigger devices.

Digital Agencies and Web Development - Coding Fast and Smart Websites

A beautiful look means nothing if your website takes ages to load. The web is becoming faster day after day, and online visitors are less willing to wait for your content to load. Therefore, it is essential to have a solid server framework and an effective web functionality to deliver a great user experience.

A digital agency must be aware of such requirements. But that’s not what normally happens. In fact, many companies create great designs to try to hide their lack of expertise in more technical fields. This is why it is highly recommendable to do a thorough research into the past services delivered by the digital agency to check whether the business covers all elements of web design and development.

Take Your WordPress Website to the Next Level - both Non E-commerce and E-commerce Websites

WordPress is a great platform for those who prefer to focus on content and opt to delegate the development part to experts. There are, however, a few caveats to the apparent ease with which one manages a website: usually there are a lot of code and plugins which are not needed, resulting in a much slower website. In order to make sure your WordPress website runs smoothly and without unnecessary code, there are two main things you must keep in mind:

● Use only relevant plugins. The temptation is big, but you must avoid installing unnecessary plugins that slow down your website. Some functionalities add a lot of code to your pages, and the benefits are easily outweighed by the costs.
● Choose a premium theme that fits your needs. While many free templates present a nice design, their functionality is usually very limited. In order to get the best of WordPress, it is highly recommendable to acquire a premium template to better develop your website.

Digital agencies are here to help you choose the best template and to provide management services that guarantee a fast loading, beautiful WordPress website. Project83 has extensive experience setting up and running WordPress pages, and we are sure to deliver the best digital services in Manchester.

Digital Agency in Manchester - Why Choose Project83?

By now, we believe we have shown how complex the services provided by a digital agency can be. We take care of many tasks, and we do it well because we have years of experience and know-how. We ensure an effective implementation of your website and a thorough management of all your online campaigns.




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