SEO Services in Manchester - The Most Relevant SEO Factors

Why is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) important for your business? Should you do it by yourself or hire a dedicated agency for the job? We, Project83 - a top-rated SEO agency in Manchester, UK - put together a comprehensive guide about the major components involved in Search Engine Optimisation to help you through the process of creating a great SEO strategy.

Understanding Google’s Search Engine Algorithm

With more than 80% of the global share of online searches, Google is the #1 authority when it comes to search engines. This does not come from nowhere: the company has been working very hard since its creation to make sure they deliver the best online searching services for the final user.


Google’s algorithm has been through a series of updates in the last 6 years to guarantee the delivery of high-quality, authority content to the final user. The Panda updates, for example, focused on prioritising high quality content and on removing spam pages by deleting them from the organic search results. On the same track, the Penguin updates crawled websites for duplicated content and removed a series of websites which rankings were based on black hat SEO techniques. A series of parallel updates - including the Hummingbird and the Pigeon releases, as well as the so famous mobile-friendly update - focused on identifying websites with valuable content, a flexible HTML structure, and split-second loading speeds. Finally, Google started to put more value in local business when users googled for something in a specific region. This allowed smaller companies to show up in the first page of the algorithm, favouring the close connection between local users and stores.

We could think of examples of local queries such as “SEO companies in Manchester” or “Manchester SEO Services”. Google’s update now displays a list of SEO businesses actually located in Manchester instead of simply showing a list of websites which rank well for “SEO Services” queries.

On-Page SEO Services

With that in mind, any great SEO strategy includes two major components: on-page and off-page SEO techniques. The former relates to the structure of your website and of your pages, as well as to performance indicators such as page speed and responsive design. The latter, on the other hand, focuses on how your website is positioned in the online community.

Optimise HTML Tags and the Components of Your Page

Include Your Keywords in the Beginning of Your Page Title

By including relevant keywords in the beginning of your main title (between H1 tags), you are immediately showing to your user and to search engines what your article is about.

Use Heading Tags to Divide the Content into Structured Sections

Dividing your content makes the reading process easier for the user and it provides a well-organised structure for search engines to crawl and index your page.

Include Different Types of Media and their Respective HTML Attributes

Users prefer to see different types of media - images, videos, infographics, among others - instead of just text. Google and other search engines know that and they reward pages which present an immersive content experience for the user.

Reduce the Page Loading Speed

Page speed has been recently identified as one of the major ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. Online visitors normally hate to wait for a page to load, so a fast-loading, mobile-friendly page is a great way to call Google’s attention for the quality of your website.

Create SEO-Friendly URLs and Use Inbound and Outbound Links

Going back to the example of the search “SEO Manchester” or “SEO Companies in Manchester”: the URLs of our pages must contain such keywords, preferably at the beginning of the address.

Here are two examples:

Presenting your URL in such a way will make the indexing process easier and more intuitive, ultimately resulting in a better user experience.

Write Relevant, High-Quality Content

While there are numerous on-page SEO factors to keep an eye on, content is by far the most important ranking factor. Your visitors do not open your website to see boring, shallow, unimpressive chunks of information squeezed together for the purpose of better organic rankings in Search Engines. They come for relevant, rich content, and Search Engines like Google work day and night to create smarter algorithms that rank high-quality pages on top.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off-page SEO services focus on building an online network between your site and other domains that consider your content relevant. In order to do so, you must focus on the following aspects of online marketing.

Build Links to Your Website

Building links to your website is a task that demands expertise and patience when reaching out to potential partners. A higher amount of links pointing out to your website mean higher authority and better organic rankings. An advice is to look for links from websites related to your industry.

If you provide SEO services, you might want to reach out to online marketing agencies or web development companies to get some links pointing to your website.

Tackle Your Customers in Different Online Platforms

Search Engines are not the only way to be found online. Your company must focus on creating a strong online brand and a harmonic online identity across different online platforms - such as social networks, forums, review websites, and so on. SEO companies in Manchester, for example, can look out for local partners who are willing to share content and help developing the brand of the agency. Being active in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among other platforms, is essential to grow your business.

Bring Potential Leads Back with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great strategy to bring back visitors that were once interested in your product or service. By running regular email outreach campaigns, you will make sure the leads you acquired in the past will remain active and eventually become real customers.

SEO Companies in Manchester: Where to Find Them

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